We’re Much Nicer Than Vikings

History says the Vikings were one of the first cultures to ship products around the known world. That was more than 12,000 years ago, and the Vikings weren’t the friendliest people around. AFP Global Logistics is in the same business as the Vikings were, but we approach logistics from a totally different perspective.

A family-owned and operated global logistics company, AFP offers industry knowledge backed by the latest technology and support to move and track packages – from the beginning to end of their journey. We believe in being customer-centric, and that means communicating to our clients, and providing the customized shipping solutions that can’t be matched by our competition, or the big boys in the logistics industry.

The staff at AFP is trained to be responsive to our clients, and work as diligently as possible to offer the right solution, whether it’s trucking services, road and rail services or even pharmaceutical and medical logistics services. Pickup and delivery options are created to accommodate your schedule, and because we’re a non-asset based logistics provider, we have thousands of possible vendors to choose from. No matter how your freight needs to travel – across the country or around the world – AFP provides customized reporting and cargo insurance. We’re also perfect partners when it comes to providing government freight services!

As an international logistics solution provider, AFP offers a deep selection of air and ocean services at cost effective pricing. Our global partnership allows AFP to offer peace of mind so you won’t have to worry about clearing customs or having your shipment held up due to security issues.

Work with a total logistics solution provider who values you as much as you value your shipment, contact us today for a quote at quotes@afplus.com.
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